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Investing in your future at university? Why not buy your first home too...

U of L Special, Earn up to $10,000 off

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Why buying your own place while you are in school is a smart investment...

#1. Most students pay at least $600/month in rent for shared accommodations. You could own a brand new condo, get 2 roommates (who pay you rent), and you would be paying the same amount of money monthly, but it would be paying down your own mortgage.

#2. Most buyers will qualify for a 5% down payment* mortgage, and most parents see the value in this investment and are willing to assist their students by co-signing or providing the down payment.

#3. A condo means no extra chores for you. Considering how busy school life can be, you can be relieved knowing that condo life means no exterior maintenance; all of the lawn care and snow removal is taken care of by the condo association.

#4. Finally, when you are done school you have so many options...enjoy the headstart you have on your mortgage, sell it and re-invest the equity in your next home, or continue to rent it to university students as a revenue property...Win, Win, Win!

"If you have to live with roommates during University, it may as well be in a great place that is building equity for your future."

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Offer ends Mar. 31, 2018.

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